Guest Policies


  1. Reciprocal privileges extend to members arriving by boat. Parking in the Club lot is not available as part of the reciprocity.

  2. Reciprocal club members must always fly their yacht club burgees when approaching the Club.  Docking is not permitted.

  3. All visiting boats must hail the launch office via VHF Channel 10 for docking instructions.

  4. Visiting boats may be instructed to go to a mooring and rafting may be allowed at the discretion of the launch office.

  5. Overnight or after-hours docking is not permitted.  


Guest moorings are available on a first-come-first-served basis for Reciprocal Clubs or by prior reservation for Club Cruises. No telephone or email reservations are accepted.
PLEASE do not call the Club to inquire about future reservations or if they are expected to be full. Since reservations are not taken, there is no way to know what the future mooring availability will be.

Boats larger than 50' cannot be accommodated and should contact the Town Dock (next door) at 401-596-7807.

Each mooring is $70.00 per night, and includes launch service, take-out dining access, and shower facilities. You must fly your burgee during your visit to the WHYC. Check out time is 9:00 am.

Rafting of two boats on the outer transient mooring may be allowed, but please check with our Launch Office first. The rate is $70.00 per night for each boat rafted.

Shower and Toilet Facilities: 

Located inside as well as just outside the Launch Office. The combination to the shower is available at time of check-in.

Dining & Bar

Please introduce yourself and show your membership card (required) to the WHYC representative on duty upstairs.   Reservations are required for dinner.

Payment Methods

All payments may be made by check or Visa or MasterCard. Cash is not accepted.


Jackets are required for dinner.  Lunch is smart-casual, with shorts permitted.

Electronic Devices

Use of cell phones and computers is prohibited at all times on the third level of the Clubhouse including the balconies.

Tobacco Usage

All tobacco use, including smoking and vaping, is prohibited at the Clubhouse facility, including all docks and balconies.


Ice is available at the Town Dock nearby. Trash and recycling containers are located inside the east side of the dock. Minors under 21 must be accompanied by an adult on the third level of the Club.