Junior Awards

2023 Awards 

Dana Poole Captaincy Award
Wells-Forrester Cup
Horton-Green Trophy
Boonie Moore
Robert A. Green
Ahearn Trophy
Coombe Memorial 
Opti Division: Maeve Nicholas who collected a total of 16 bullets, out of 20 races for Summer 2023.
420 Division:  Tyler Hogan and Quin Schneider, who took 7 bullets out of a possible 18 races for Summer 2023.
 Dana Poole Captaincy Award
Tyler Hogan, Quin Schneider, Mac Knight, Eliza Zanios, Maeve Nicholas

Paul Risseeuw Sportsmanship Award
Tyler Hogan and Quin Schneider were recognized as third place overall ECSA 420 Fleet Winners. 

Big Little Day Competition
 3rd: Maeve and Braden Cahill
2nd: Kieran Flynn and Will Merrill
1st: Jack and Piper Horgan 
Morning Class Race Series
3rd Place: Clare Rooney
2nd Place: Jack Jensen-Humphreys
1st Place: Sam Gibbons - with almost straight bullets 


2022 Awards

Perpetual Awards
Coombe Memorial: Tyler Hogan
Ahearn Trophy: Quin Schneider
Robert A. Green: Owen Nicholas
Bonnie Moore: Liza Merrill
Horton-Green Trophy: John Mannix
Wells-Forrester Cup: Finley Zeeytoonjian 
Dana Poole Captaincy Award: Cormac Knight 
Big Little Day
1st: Kieran Flynn with Owen Nicholas
2nd: Margaux Smith with Maeve Nicholas
3rd: Coco Doherty with Piper Cameron
Morning Class Race Week
1st Place: Riley Cahill
2nd Place: Bella Aluzzo
3rd Place: Braden Cahill
Monday Night Racing Green Fleet
1st Place: John Mannix
2nd Place: Ginger Cameron
3rd Place: Will Merrill
Monday Night Racing RWB Fleet
1st Place: Owen Nicholas
2nd Place: Maeve Nicholas
3rd Place: Thomas Merrill 
Monday Night Racing c420 Skipper 
1st Place:  Tyler Hogan
2nd Place: Fin Zeytoonjian 
3rd Place: Finian Knight
Monday Night Racing c420 Crew 
1st Place: Quin Schneider 
2nd Place: Cormac Knight 
3rd Place: Piper Cameron


2021 Awards

Perpetual Awards:
Coombe Memorial - Owen Nicholas
Ahearn Trophy - Cormac Knight
Robert A. Green - Tatum Chang
Bonnie Moore - Piper Cameron
Horton-Green Trophy - Conor Rooney
Wells-Forrester Cup - Tyler Hogan
Dana Poole Captaincy Award - Ben Lindo

Morning Class Race Series:
1st - Sean McCormick
2nd - John Mannix
3rd - Harry Jensen-Humphreys

Monday Night Racing Green Fleet:
1st - Zach Brenner
2nd - Lucy Wood
3rd - Sadie Cameron

Monday Night Racing RWB Fleet:
1st - Owen Nicholas
2nd - Tyler Hogan
3rd - Maeve Nicholas

Monday Night c420 Skipper:
1st - Tatum Chang
2nd - Ben Lindo
3rd - Finian Knight

Monday Night c420 Crew:
1st - Mac Knight
2nd - Liza Merrill
3rd - Ryan Hogan